Industrial routers

Teltonika RUT360

LTE Cat 6 Industrial router.

Teltonika RUTXR1

Rack-mounted SFPLTE router.

Teltonika RUTX12

Powerful Dual SIM, LTE Cat 6.

Teltonika RUTX11

Industrial IoT, LTE Cat 6 Router.

Teltonika RUTX09

4G(LTE) Cat 6 industrial IoT router.

Teltonika RUT 955

4G Dual SIM with serial interfaces.

Teltonika RUT 950

Dual SIM 4G(LTE) Router: 4 x Ethernet ports and WiFi.

Teltonika RUT 850

4G(LTE) Router for automotive - ultra-slim router.

Teltonika RUT 240

4G(LTE) industrial router.

Quality certification

Our company is ISO 9001: 2008 quality certified

Sargon ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Industrial software

We provide industrial data acquisition and control software, custom made for customer's needs


Design and engineering

Our company provides turn-key solutions, including design of complex industrial equipment ...


ATEX authorization

Our company is certified by INSEMEX for engineering, installation, maintenance and inspection of Ex area installations ...

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