Adlink aTCA-3710

40 Gigabit Ethernet AdvancedTCA® Fabric Interface Switch Blade
  • 640/ 320G Bandwidth Fabric Interface Switch for 14/6-slot 40GbE Chassis
  • Broadcom BCM56334 24-port GbE Base Interface Switch with 2-port 10GbE
  • Freescale QorIQ P2041(Quad Core) @ 1.2GHz Control Plane Processor
  • 14-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ uplink port, Front Panel
  • Supports ADLINK PacketManager

The aTCA-3710 is a high performance, high bandwidth, 40G Fabric switch blade for AdvancedTCA® platforms. This product is ideal for bandwidth intensive telecom applications such as wireless access controller, DPI/security network, IPTV, IP multimedia subsystem, RNC/BSC, broadband access/bearer network, data center, and LTE/4G network applications. The aTCA-3710 provides 40GbE hub-to-node connectivity and integrated switch silicon that supports load balancing, priority queues, packet classification, and flow control to enable strict bandwidth management for implemented applications.

To maximize switch blade cost effectiveness, two models of the aTCA-3710 40G Fabric switch blade are available to meet different ATCA platform bandwidth requirements (aTCA-3710/320G and aTCA-3710/640G). The aTCA-3710 40G Fabric switch incorporates the latest generation of switching technology to provide 40GbE connectivity to node slots in 6 and 14-slot chassis as well as 40GbE I/O. Additionally, the aTCA-3710 also provides front I/O to handle high throughput requirements of telecom applications.

In addition to a Fabric switch, the aTCA-3710 also incorporates a Base switch to provide PICMG 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet backplane connectivity. The Base switch provides up to 13 ports of node slot connectivity to support both 6 and 14-slot chassis in addition to 8 ports of front I/O, with 6 ports supporting 1GbE and 2 ports supporting 10GbE. Other ports are used to provide connectivity to other components on the board such as the Local Management Processor and IPMC, and a redundant switch slot supports connectivity with the redundant base switch and shelf management. A powerful quad-core Local Management Processor (LMP) executes all switch functions, blade setup and hardware platform management functions. Dual Boot Flash Memory and dual OS Flash Memory is provided for redundancy.

The ADLINK aTCA-3710 is equipped with ADLINK networking software, which combines all the essential features required for a fully functional switch infrastructure on ATCA platforms. This complete package allows customers to focus on revenue-generating software development projects and provides the flexibility to develop specific functions according to customer requirements.
aTCA-3710/320  320G Bandwidth Fabric Switch, for 6-slot system
aTCA-3710/640  640G Bandwidth Fabric Switch, for 14-slot system
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