Adlink PXI-7921

PXI Switch - 24-CH 2-Wire Multiplexer Module
ADLINK PXI-7921 is a multiplexer which consists of 24 DPDT relays providing 48x1 1-wire, 24x1 2-wire, double 12x1 2-wire, quadruple 6x1 2-wiew and 12x1 4-wire configurations. PXI-7921 typically connects one instrument, such as a DMM, a digitizer or a signal source, with many points which need measurement or excitation. The contact position of the relays can be changed either by direct software commands or by following the instructions previously stored in scan list. 
In the PXI-7921, software programmable PXI trigger functions are supported. Multiple modules can therefore be synchronized without additional field wiring.
  • PXI specifications Rev. 2.1 compliant
  • 24-CH DPDT (2 Form C) nonlatching relays
  • Switching capacity: Max. count - 2A; Max. voltage - 220 VDC, 125 VAC
  • On-board 1 k-sample scan list for deterministic scanning
  • Handshaking signals for external instruments synchronization
  • Safety functions: Hardware emergency shutdown and watchdog timer from 1 ms to 420 s
  • Multiple modules synchronization through PXI trigger bus and star trigger
Optional accessories
TB-6221-01 Multiplexer Switch Termaination Board with a 62-Pin D-Sub Female Connector
ACL-10262 62-Pin D-sub male/female cable
Datasheet Specificații tehnice complete PXI-7921

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