Sargon WS-70

Pure water and saline solution production, storage and distribution system
To avoid clogging of internal circuits, the climate chambers must be fed with pure or ultrapure water. The saline solution must also be prepared with pure water.
This system provides three step water purification by pre-cleaning, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization, pure water storage, mixing and degassing of saline solution, automatic refilling and pressure control inside of pure water and saline solution networks.
  • Saline solution tank: PVC (or steel)
  • Saline solution output approx. 300 liters / 24 h
  • Saline solution homogenization by bubbling/recirculation
  • Fully automatic  operation, no operator manpower needed (apart from the NaCl adition)
  • Pre-cleaning cartridges, reverse osmosis cartridges and electrodeionisation cell status monitoring; warning when maintenance / change cartridges is needed
  • Pure water pumping: stainless steel water pump, set pressure 2 ÷ 4 bar, adjustable
  • Saline solution pumping: "heavy duty" salt water stainless steel pump, max 3 bar pressure.

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